Make Him Desire You Like Crazy

Richie said: it is a song that I wrote and not much thought was more sound. The song is in the key of G Mixolydian, with progression of G-F-h-G (recorded in the GIS large). It is is insert together with signature tempo of 129 beats per minute. I like it received positive reviews from critics generally mixed. The song received an average score of music editor of digital Spy Robert Copsey which gave 3 stars (out of 5) and say that make him desire you like crazy the verses enough car feel vocally can present themselves made Kesha and Euro disco production courtesy of RedOne may have a touch of Cascada, but the song is cheesy, that it clearly remains a thing of Enrique. . I'm sorry, your browser has JavaScript turned off or not supported players. You can display a reader to the clip the clip or download into your browser. .